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O`Neal and O`Neil = Irish
The Irish put the letter O` in the beginning of a surname.  it means "son of"  O`Neal means son of Neal.

In scandinavia they put "son" in the ending, like Nealson.  Simular names to O`Neal and O`Neil are Nilsen and Nielsen, or Nilson and Nielson.

History of the O`Neil and O`Neal`s

The O誰eils and O誰eal痴 can trace their family history back to A.D. 360, a rare teat among the families of Europe . They are descended from the royal family of Tara, who were kings of Ulster and monarchs of all Ireland from the 5th to the early 17th centuries. The name comes from Nial Ghin Dubh, or Niall of the Black Knee, who was a King of Ireland from 890 until he was killed in 919, His grandson Domhnall adopted the surname Neill, which means champion. In addition to the O誰eal痴 of   Ulster , where the family is most numerous, there were septs in Thomond (Counties Clare and Limerick ), Decies (County Waterford)m and County Carlow .

The original Gaelic form of the name O`Neal is O Neill, which means descendant of Nial.  Spelling variations include: O`Neill, Neal, Neale, Neales, Neil, Nihill, Niell, O`Nail, O`Niel and many more.

O'Neal Family Crest / O'Neal Coat of Arms


What we know:

In New Jersey census, Westfield Township,Union County, 10th day of august 1870. John O`Neal 50 years born Ireland,  Mary O誰eal 30 years born Ireland,  Margaret 4 years born NY NewYorkElizabeth  2 years born New Jersey.  Mary O誰eal is said to be from Castlecomer Ireland? Margaret O誰eal married Thomas Eustice.  

There is a John O誰eal arrivel date 10 jan. 1852 from Ireland ship name Waterton, New York line 29. 

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