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Early Family History

The Potato Famine devastated Ireland between 1845 and 1849. It is estimated that during those difficult times more than one million Irish died of starvation, disease and malnourishment. Another million are estimated to have left Irish shores to seek an improved life in America, Canada and Australia. The famine was particularly severe in County Longford. On September 5, 1849, The Times reported “people hunting up and down Longford with money in their pockets looking for food.” It was reported that on August 20, 1849, not a loaf of bread nor a hundredweight of meal could be bought on the streets of Longford, even from a meal merchant. Among those who died during this period was Bridget Kennedy, wife of James Eustace.


Generation 1 

James Eustace was born about 1797, probably in County Longford or Westmeath in the Irish midlands. We can only speculate that he spent his childhood in the Irish countryside someplace in County Longford and eventually went with his family to farm land near the town of Ballymahon, Shrule Parish, County Longford. Sometime before 1830, he married Bridget Kennedy. Records have not been found that can positively identify the parents of James Eustace or of Bridget Kennedy. James Eustace likely was a descendant of a branch of the Kildare Eustace family that in the distant past was prominent in early Irish history. During the Reformation, the Eustace family more often than not, chose the Catholic side in bitter and violent disputes. They were willing to forfeit land, possessions and often life itself, for a cause they fervently believed in. Extensive research has been completed by the author in Ireland and in the United States, to identify family members and determine possible relationships.

The following Irish resources and records have been particularly useful during our search:

1. Ballymacormick Cemetery Inscriptions; Exploring Family Origins and Old Longford Town; by Harry Farrell:

Back of old church ruin (from left to right)

  • USTICE - Bridig, died January 27, 1767
  • USTICE - Mary, died September 29, 1764

2. Templemichael (Longford) Church of Ireland Parish Records - Burials

  • April 24, 1797-Grace Newcomen-7 years old, youngest daughter of William Newcomen & Grace Coffy?, wife alias Eustace
  • November 1, 1797-Juliet Newcomen,  aged 18, daughter of William Newcomon & Grace his wife alias Eustace
  • October 12, 1811-Grace Newcomen alias Eustace, aged 63, died October 9, 1811 of Clonahard

3. Longford ( Ardagh and Clonmacnois Diocese, Parishes of Templemichael and Ballymacormack) County Longford Roman Catholic Parish Baptisms  (1802 – 1811):

  • Bridget Eustace, sponsor for Patt McGuire, son of James and Jane McGuire baptised February 20, 1802.
  • Catherine Eustace, wife of Denis Harrington, whose son Maurice was baptised on November 28, 1802;
  • Mary Eustace, wife of Thomas McCawley, whose daughter Rose was baptised on May 27, 1803;
  • Bridget Eustace, wife of Edmund/Edward  McDaniel; who were the parents of the following children; James, baptised on February 6, 1809;  Mary , baptised on Feb. 26, 1810; and Elenor, baptised July 15, 1811;
  • Edward Eustace, sponsor for Daniel (Drievan ?) son of Owen and Anne Kennedy., baptised Nov. 3, 1805;
  • Mary Eustace, wife of Cornelius/Conrad/Condy Rogers who were the parents of Mary, baptised March 13, 1802; 
  • Edward, baptised Aug. 8, 1804; Elizabeth, baptised Dec. 23, 1806; and William , baptised Aug. 13, 1809;
  • Bridget Eustace, sponsor for James Corigan, son of Thomas Corigan and Ellen Sharwan.


Templemichael (Longford) Church of Ireland Parish Records – (Baptisms):

  • Jane Eustace, wife of James Murphy whose daughter Jane was baptised December 20, 1807;
  • William Eustace, son of Thomas Eustace and Rose Clendinnen, born December 18, 1812 and baptised December 20, 1812.1812.


Tithe Composition Applotment Books, which were formerly located at the Public Records Office in Dublin’s Four Courts Building, are now located at the National Archives, Bishop Street, Dublin 8. These records contain the particulars of holdings subject to a tithe tax, giving occupiers’ names, compiled to provide a basis for tax computation, under the Tithe Composition Acts of 1823. Subsequently these tithes were collected from Catholics and Protestants alike and then distributed to the rectors of the Established (Anglican) Church.

Collum Townland, Cashel Civil Parish, Newtowncashel Roman Catholic Parish - 1827

  • James Eustace, 1 Acres – 0 Roods –0 Perches

Gorteenclareen (Gurtheen) Townland, Shrule Civil Parish, Ballymahon RC Parish - 1827

  • Luke Ustry/Eustace? & Ryan, 5 Acres –1 Roods – 18 Perches

Farnagh Townland, Ballymacormick Civil Parish, Longford RC Parish - 1833;

  • William & Patrick Eustace, 5 Acres –2 Roods –3 Perches
  • Edward Eustace, 8 Acres – 0 Roods – 26 Perches
  • James Eustace, 1 Acres –0 Roods –5 Perches

Old Bog Divisions, Longford Townland, Templemichael Civil Parish, Longford R. Catholic Parish - 1826;

  • Edward Eustace,  1 Acres – 2 Roods – 24 Perches
  • James Eustace, Labourer, possibly a son of Edward Eustace, is recorded as the occupier of 0 Acres – 1 Roods – 10 Perches at Bog Lots, Longford Town in 1831 – 1833. (Areas in Irish Measure  (1 Irish Acre =  1.625 Statute Acres).

Rathburnet Townland, Barony Corkaree, Parish Leany, County Westmeath- 1824

  • James Eustace, 9 acres 3 roods 35 3/4 perches


Note: It is unclear whether these entries are of the same person or of two or even three persons with the name James Eustace.


Burial Records:

  • Bridgit Eustace, of Laragh Townland buried at Ballymahon on September 23, 1848; ‘Ballymahon and its People – By Paddy Whelan (2001) and St. Matthews Catholic Church records. The burial record lists Lara as her place of residence at the time of death. (Lara is a townland located about 1/2 mile southwest of where the road between Longford and Ballymahon branches off toward Lanesborough.)

2. Parish records, St. Matthew’s Catholic Church Ballymahon, Co. Longford.

Records of baptisms, marriages and burials were searched from 1820 until 1840 revealing the record of several Eustace families in the parish:

  • Catherine Ustace, no age given, who was buried at Ballymahon on July 31, 1823.
  • Laurence or Luke Eustace, and his wife Bridget Gibbons, the parents of seven children baptised at St. Matthews Church, Ballymahon between October 3, 1826 and September 26, 1840. This appears to be the same Luke Eustace who is  in the 1854 Primary Valuation taken under the direction of Sir Richard Griffith.

                Children of Luke Eustace and Bridget Gibbon:

·         James Eustace, baptised  on August 7, 1822. Sponsors were Daniel Malone and his wife.

·         John Eustace,  baptised March 15, 1826. Sponsors were John Eustace and Bridget Geraghty.

·         Michael Eustace, baptised at Shrule on September 27, 1831. Sponsors were Mathew Regan and Anne Geraghty.

·         Anne Eustace, baptised May 8, 1833. Sponsors  were Patrick Eustace and  Margaret Ryan, b

·         Margaret Eustace, baptised December 11, 1835. Sponsors were Matthew Ryan and Mathe Cunningham.

·         Philip Eustace, (son of Philip (Luke?) Eustace and Bridget Gibbon) baptised October 13, 1838. Sponsors were Michael Malone and Margaret Casey.

·         Elenor Eustace, baptised September 26, 1840. Sponsors are listed as Patrick Gerraghty and Margaret Havican.

Children of James Eustace and his wife Bridget Kennedy: (All baptised at St. Matthews Catholic church in Ballymahon.)

  • Bridget Eustace, daughter of James Eustace and Bridget Kennedy, baptised June 11, 1830 at Ballymahon. Sponsors John Eustace and Anne Kennedy.
  • James Eustace, son of James Eustace and Bridget Kennedy, baptised at Ballymahon on July 26, 1835. Sponsors Thomas Eustace and Elenor Costello.
  • John Eustace, baptised January 4, 1833.  Sponsors were Patrick Kelly and Catherine Kennedy.


John Eustace, and his wife Rose Daly were the parents of at least three children born at Ballymahon, Co. Longford during the 1860’s. The International Genealogical Index shows the birth of Bridget Eustace, born December 12, 1864; Luke Eustace, born August 25, 1866; and Patrick Eustace, born July 2, 1868.


Other Eustaces that appear in Ballymahon church records:

  • Patrick Eustace, who with Margaret Ryan was baptismal sponsor for Anne Eustace, daughter of Luke and Bridget Gibbon.
  • John Eustace, baptismal sponsor for Bridget, daughter of James Eustace and Bridget Kennedy, June 1, 1830, at Ballymahon.
  • Thomas Eustace, baptismal sponsor for James, son of James Eustace and Bridget Kennedy, July 26, 1835 at Shrule.


4. Griffith’s Primary Valuation of County Longford (1854)

In these records we find several Eustace families in the County Longford and neighboring West Meath in the early 1800’s.

Ballyrevagh Townland, Cashel Civil Parish (Newtowncashel Catholic Parish),  Ballymahon Union;

  • Catherine Eustace; Reference  to map-3N; immediate lessor,  John Butler; house, no acreage.


Gorteenclareen Townland, Shrule Civil Parish (Ballymahon Catholic Parish),  Ballymahon Union;

  • Luke Eustace;  Reference  to map-11; immediate  lessor John Bond, house, office & land        9 acres 3 roods 1 perch.

4. Griffith’s Primary Valuation of County West Meath (1854)

  • Patrick Eustace, the lessee of a house, yard and small garden on Dirty Lane at Mullingar, West Meath. 
  • Patrick Eustace; Parish of Leny, Rathburnet Townland, Co. West Meath.


Bishop Loughlin’s Dispensations – Diocese of Brooklyn, NY  - Marriages 1859 – 1866; By Joseph M. Sillinonte

  • Anne Eustace, born Co. Longford, Resident at Flatbush, Daughter of Luke Eustace & Bridget Gibbons (Baptised May 8, 1833, Ballymahon Parish) Married May 23, 1860 at Holy Cross,  2530 Church Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11226, to John Lyons, born Co. Longford, Resident at Flatbush, Son of Peter Lyons & Bridget Skelly.

Los Irlandeses en la Argentina (The Irish in Argentina) – by Eduardo A. Coghlan (1987)

  • Margaret Eustace, of Gurteen (Gorteenclareen), Ballymahon, Co. Longford (Probably the daughter of Luke Eustace and Bridget Gibbon, baptised 11th December 1835, Ballymahon Parish) who married John Moughty, Willowfield, Ballinacarrigy, Co. Westmeath.  Parents of Anne Moughty y Eustace, born Gurteen, 1862, emigrated to Buenos Ayres, Argentine c1880 who married in Buenos Ayres, 25th June 1881, Claudio Baltasar Carle (born 1852, England) and died 17th August 1940.In turn, Parents of Margarita Carle y Moughty, born 22nd March 1886 who married N. Mores

· Patrick Eustace, born May 29, 1866 at Multyfarnham, Co. Westmeath to Michael Eustace and Catherine Parker.


Parishes of Templemichael and Ballymacormack (Diocese of Ardagh and Clonmacnois) County Longford church records shows the following entries:

·  Mary Eustace, wife of Cornelius Rogers, parents of Mary Rogers, baptised March 13, 1802 and Edward Rogers baptised August 13, 1804.

            ·  Catherine Eustace, wife of Dennis Harrington, parents of Maurice Harrington baptised Nov. 28, 1802.


The Family of James Eustice & Bridget Kennedy:

Generation II

There are records of three children born to James Eustace and Bridget Kennedy:

· Bridget Eustace2 baptised at Ballymahon, June 1, 1830.

· John Eustace2, baptised at Ballymahon, January 4,1833.

· James Eustace2, baptised at Ballymahon, July 26, 1835.


Visit County Longford:

There is much to see and do in County Longford for example there are two National Tidy Towns winners, visit Ardagh and Newtowncashel to see why.


Other interesting towns and villages include the town of Ballymahon and its surrounding area with its literary heritage in Oliver Goldsmith and John Keegan Casey. The village of Ballinamuck in North Longford marks the site of General Humberts retreat at the battle of Ballinamuck.
Edgeworthstown is the home of the Edgeworth family most notably Maria Edgeworth and her literary achievements. Steeped in archaeological heritage is the town of Granard and its surrounding villages such as Aughnacliffe.

Lanesboro on the river Shannon is an area of distinctive ecological heritage and beauty. Other interesting villages include those along the Royal Canal; Abbeyshrule, Kenagh and Clondra. rnrnThroughout the county there is a wealth of folklore and heritage, open friendly people who indulge in the finest of food and drink and plenty of activities to entertain all needs from fishing to archery.  More information: Longford

Getting Here:

Longford is located on the N4 National Primary Route, the main artery between Dublin and Sligo. It is also the point where the National routes the N4 and the N5 converge making it an important axis for traffic traveling from East to West. Dublin port and Rosslare port can be reached by the national road network.

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